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Earthquake Relief

Since the earthquake struck Nepal on 25th April, 2015, Light On had officially delivered two times of relief materials to two villages in the epicenter, Gorkha.
Uttamtari, 2nd May, 2015
With 11 other local volunteers from Edventure Nepal (a registered NGO in Pokhara), Light On went to Uttamtari village in Gorkha to distribute 1440kg of food directly to the hands of villagers, benefitting 189 families.
Materials delivered to Uttamtari on 2nd May, 2015
Items Unit Price Units Costs (Rupees) KG
Blankets 1000 100 100000  
Rice 406 per 7 kg 100 40600 700
Lentil 300 per 2kg 100 30000 200
Flour 55 per kg 100 5500 100
Beaten Rice 77 per kg 100 7700 100
Sugar 62 per kg 100 6200 100
Salt 18 per kg 100 1800 100
Dry Noodle 95 per kg 100 9500 100
Tent 1500 93 139500  
Transportation for materials
and volunteers
Grand Total     360,800Rupees 1400KG
Annapurna, 16th May, 2015
Know that in the remote area of Gorkha, the villagers still hadn’t got enough food supplies, we went to another mountain village called Annapurna.

With the help of all the board members from Edventure Nepal again, we had distributed 6750KG of food including rice, lentils, dry noodle and salt to about 550 families.
Materials delivered to Annapurna, on 16th May, 2015
Items Unit Price Units Costs (Rupees) KG
Rice (Mansuli) 1700 per 30kg 107 181900 3210
Rice (Mansuli) 300 per 2kg 100 30000 200
Rice (Karuna) 1500 per 25kg 52 78000 1300
Lentils 125 per kg 900 112500 900
Salt 18 per kg 450 8100 450
Dry Noodle 66.37 per kg 900 59733 900
VAT13%     7765  
Grand Total     447,998 Rupees 6760KG
After the second delivery of relief materials, we heard from villagers that some schools collapsed partially during the earthquake, and temporary shelters are built for students.

Realizing that just distributing food will not help the villagers to be self-sustained, we went to inspect the current situation of the schools, and wanted to identify schools which need to be rebuilt in the region.

Please proceed to the next page School Rebuilding for details.

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