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“…A Life-Changing Opportunity To Learn About Humanity…”

In “Light On Your Path Journey”, we offer individuals a chance to come to our school rebuilding project site in Nepal. They will work hand-in-hand with locals to build schools, they will play with school kids, they will live with locals in homestay families and they will eat delicious local food.

However, “Light On Your Path Journey” is not talking about who is helping who, but a win-win situation created between international volunteers and local community. So we would rather say it is a “self-enriching journey” rather than a volunteer work.
Let our Founder, Pink Lee tell you about the secrets of “Light On Your Path Journey”:
If you are interested, please download our detailed project description HERE.
“…Testimonials from participants of Light On Your Path Journey…”
Echo Choy, Hong Kong
Dec 2016
I didn't expect that the “Light On Your Path Journey” would be so rewarding in terms of experiences!

I miss very much the time when we were doing yoga in front of the majestic Himalayas. I endured numb calves, a stone-like shoulder and stiff muscles, to just focus on every breath, and be with myself. When my mind was quiet, my five senses started to become sharper. I felt the chilly air passing on my skin, I heard the sound of the birds, the footsteps of passers-by, I even noticed the small twinkling of my muscles.

Through conversation and sharing of experiences, I looked back at the special meaningful and valuable moments in my life. At the same time, I also got to know the stories behind some of the other volunteers. The sincere sharing between us relaxed and satisfied me.

We were originally all strangers, but we got to know each other really quickly and we had so much laughter and fun. Everyone was fun-loving, chatty, loved singing, and was good at work. We learnt to cooperate with each other, and we all put our hearts into decorating the school as beautifully as possible. We tried to convey positive messages to the world through our painting, and we wished peace, light and hope to all the children who study in this school.

There were three goals in this “Journey”: Self-reflection, living in the moment and team-work. How much had we achieved? I think we all knew the answer. (I hope it is wasn’t zero or negative, haha!)

I feel really grateful and appreciative of the work of Pink and the other volunteers, thanks to all of you because you have enriched my life.

Oh, finally, the innocent smiley faces of Nepalese kids and the twinkling stars in the sky of Lamjung were really magnificent. I feel really grateful for everything!
Karon Li, Hong Kong
Dec 2016
From bustling city life to a simple village, this journey gave me a chance to breathe. There was no assistance from information technology, there were no big highways, neither were there most of our “daily necessities”. Instead, there were relaxation, freedom and happiness which Hong Kong people usually don’t have. Life can be very simple, the important things are not material, but interaction between people, as well as harmony between human beings and nature.

I hope that I will remember this journey whenever I hear the sound of wind, horses or footsteps, slowing down my pace and getting back this sense of happiness.
Connie Wong, Hong Kong
Dec 2016
It was an unexpected journey: every day was full of surprises and touching moments. I experienced how the villages needed to walk a “million steps” before they could reach their work or their schools, I got into shape by this walk every day and I was surprised by how accepting they were about this fact.

I’m really surprised and happy that the villagers and students treated us like VIPs, I’m really grateful for their hospitality.
Selina Yuen, Hong Kong
Dec 2016
I’m really fortunate to have been a participant in “Light On Your Path Journey” so I could give a hand to the rebuilding of Nepal, post-earthquake. During the Journey, I was very glad that I met a group of like-minded volunteers. Staying in the village made my experience “Less is more”! In that village where materials were lacking, I had chances to appreciate sceneries of sky, earth, forest, flowers, plants, cows and sheep. Every day was stress free and relaxed, and felt the happiness of living in the moment, thank you!
Sunny Shek, Hong Kong
Dec 2016
Having had the chance to participate in this Journey, I would say it is indeed one of my happiest journeys and experiences of my life. After enrollment I was going to quit, but then I decided to continue, and met a group of really really good friends. During the journey, there were things that were unforgettable, funny and hilarious, but the most important thing for me was the chance of self-reflection. Thinking about my past, I found a chance to appreciate myself as well as finding a new self. If I had the chance, I would definitely participant again!
Xavier So, Hong Kong
Dec 2016
This Journey is unforgettable. We stayed in very simple Nepalese homestays, used their very simple toilets, and could not take a shower every day. All these experiences are very valuable to city people. Although we were living without our home comforts, the simplicity of the village, the smiles of villagers, and the united strength of the volunteers all added lots of positive energy to this Journey. The sharing and self-reflection every night was like a medicine for the soul, wiping off my depressive mode! Really thanks Pink!
Hin-Sing Yuen, Hong Kong
Dec 2016
My past journeys were mainly about eating, drinking and fun-seeking, but this journey gave me a chance to observe and experience the authentic local living. This Journey has inspired my thoughts about myself and relationship among people.

When it comes to voluntary service, the phrase ‘to help people’ pops up in many people’s mind. ‘To help people’ is a very subjective concept, implying a sense of control from above – ‘I am more powerful than you, so I sacrifice my power to make you more similar to me.’ Though tt seems ridiculous, I tried to avoid this sort of thinking during my trip.

As a music lover, I learned some folk songs and dances from the homestay mother and her kids, and then I used what I havd learned to play with kids in the school at Tulibesi. I opened the channel for interaction through music, and strengthened the understanding and connection between myself and the local, from a horizontal (as opposed to vertical) perspective. I did not intend to compare whether it is better living in Hong Kong or in the mountain areas in Nepal, but to understand the actual condition and thought of the locals, while re-evaluating the situation in Hong Kong, which would not be as clear if I were just staying in Hong Kong.

When you are connected to the world and you are improving, the world will also be improved consequently, and vice-versa.
Heidi Chan, Hong Kong
Dec 2016
This is a fantastic volunteer journey. When I think back to the few days of the Journey, I realize I was the one who benefited the most. I have gained a lot: from living style, personal habits or experiences to mental and psychological aspects. Although this time we were there to help the Nepalese rebuild their schools, I believe that while I was helping, I got lots of inspiration and rewards. Last but not least, I feel really grateful for other volunteers’ support as well as Pink’s well-organised care.
Miranda Ng, Hong Kong
Dec 2016
A wonderful experience! Although I have passed a certain age that made it hard for me to carry my backpack, the smiles of Nepalese kids really melted my heart! Hong Kong people are really blessed, because Hong Kong has no big threats of earthquakes and typhoons. Looking at Nepal, even after the 7.9 mag earthquake, the Nepalese people are still very happy and not complaining. This is what really we should learn from them! Work hard Nepal! We will treasure our resources and opportunities, do our best and try to help out others!
Daniel Lai, Hong Kong
Dec 2016
Other than the few days of creating the pictures and painting them on the wall, this volunteer journey was indeed a personal detoxification. To live your life happily can be really simple.
Eva Hsu, Hong Kong
Dec 2016
I discovered several things in this Journey:

1. I realized that I still have good physical strength.

2. I did exercise every day (to the joy of my husband).

3. There are definitely lots of rewards in this Journey. I was expecting to get slimmer afterwards, but I gained weight because I was happy.
Leonard Ho, USA
Oct 2016
Prior to the trip, I had good feeling that this would turn out to be an exciting adventure. I've neither been to Nepal nor on any other volunteering trip of this kind. Overall, things were great! I honestly don't have any recommendation or comments on how to make the journey any better except I was a bit disappointed that I couldn't quite contribute more effectively work-wise, so shame on me.

Of all the things in the journey I enjoyed most was the walk from the village to the school. The mountain scenic was spectacular, and I had such a great time walking along with all of you. I feel now I am ready to trek further up the mountain after this trip...Haha. Also, Babu's Lemon tea was the most calming and soothing drink I had during the Journey, and I enjoyed that more than beer.  

I certainly will continue to follow you guys on Facebook and your inspirational articles online. And if opportunity allows I would love to participate in your future journey/projects if you don't mind having me again.
Ellen Chan, Hong Kong
Oct 2016
This year, Light On’s program is about rebuilding a school. I couldn’t resist joining after meeting Pink.

Lamjung is a very good district. Villagers are very nice and friendly. “Amma” of the homestay is very helpful. I liked the food and enjoyed the scenery during the 30mins walk every day to and from school very much.

It’s a great opportunity to help and to be helped. With my original purpose of the trip is to help to do lime plastering on wall, there were opportunities to relax, laugh, share jobs, play, and enjoy time with villagers and students, and get to understand what a simple way of living can be!

Thank you Pink and Binod for what they organized, Babu for the relaxing tea time and super huge-sized fruits!

It’s not about the amount of work you do, but how you act with locals wholeheartedly and to be their friend.

Ever thinking to try/do something different? Don’t think, ACT NOW. This will be your first step to a new experience.
Jane Chan, Hong Kong
Oct 2016
Light On has given me an unforgettable experience in Nepal. We met a lot of kind and interesting people during the trip. Pink not only inspires others, but also influences everyone to help improve their lives.

I especially miss the sceneries in Lamjung, the sky full of stars, the laughter of kids, the Nepalese lesson from Binod, the mega size of fruits, the Momo made by Babu and the delicious Dhal Bhat (lentil soup, rice and curry vegetable) by Mama Bindu.

This trip reminds us that we can live a simple life, but yet can still be happy and appreciate what we have.
Shirley Yeung, Hong Kong
May 2016
Because of a two month Nepal trip my friend took, my Light On’s journey was triggered.

I haven’t prepared much before coming here, neither did I hold too much expectations. I wish only to come to see Nepal. I am very grateful that my friends came along with me to this land, helping in rebuilding this piece of earthquake-affected land.

Comparatively, I like the concept here (Light On) that we are not giving too much materials. Through the equal exchange mechanism, villagers get to know that they should work hard to achieve something valuable. This mechanism can help to keep their hearts pure, and not contaminated by city people.

While walking every day on the mountain trail, seeing the beauty of nature, I got to know the magnificence of Nepal. Seeing the innocent smiles of the school kids, you will find that simple life brings happiness. Although my strength is small, I believe if we have faith, Light On can continue to help more Nepalese friends, and move them forward in their life.
Rosa Yeung, Hong Kong
May 2016
This is my third time to visit a mountainous area, but the first in Nepal. Since the earthquake happened in Nepal, I have been seeing updates of friends doing removing rubble and rebuilding schools on Facebook, it makes me also want to contribute. Through an opportunity, I have enrolled in this journey of Light On, so I set off without any doubts.

What we needed to do is to build classrooms. There are around 200 students here, but it seems like there are only five classroom, so some students are having classes outdoor exposing to rain and sun. When we were there, they were laying the foundation for the school, so our works this time include transporting bricks, rocks, and shoveling etc.

I have once thought that would I slow down their building progress? Would I be able to help indeed? The reality is once we were there, the principal and the students were helping to transport the bricks actively. Looking at their happy faces, the cheering atmosphere really gave me strength, as well as giving me a cozy and united feeling! This is my first time that I feel I am really involved in the lives of villagers. Although we don’t speak the same language, one smile, one greeting of “Namaste” have already brought us closer!

In this journey, I learnt “going with the flow” from the villagers. In addition, I got to get my mind a break because I didn’t need to think while I was transporting the bricks! Fantastic! What most important is that I always want to tell everyone, “In fact, to volunteer is not to show that one is great, it is just a matter of distribution of resources. Because, for example, I only want to share my resources and time to love, and to radiate more to the people around. And this time through the opportunity given by Light On and the villagers, it indeed gave me a chance to love, to distribute, to have a holiday and to recharge myself! Yeah!
Leeon Li, Hong Kong
March 2016
I enjoyed very much to live with the local villagers and to share. Villagers were very willing to help us. I am also very glad to participate in rebuilding work for the first time, I could feel the happiness and passion of local volunteers. The willingness of local villagers to participate in school rebuilding really touched me.

I had just a very simple expectation, which is just to learn more and get involved. I have gained a lot in the Journey.

During this Journey, I saw the simple life of local villagers, which makes them easily contented with their lives. They always had smiles on, and they were very dedicated in small matters, for example they all made their own tools for the rebuilding work. There are a lot for us to learn from them.

I will recommend this “Light On Your Path Journey” to my friends. Because I believe my friends need more impacts in their life, life can really affect life!
Becca Orf, USA
March 2016
This program is just what I was hoping for. Expectations have been exceeded. I feel like I have gained more of an understanding of Nepal village life and culture.

Leeon and Pink are both wonderful, so cheerful in rain and shine. Friendly and great attitudes. I felt right at home.

The homestay family has been amazing—respectful and lovable and curious and inviting.

Dhal Bhat is delicious. I wouldn’t stress about variety—it’s a more realistic experience when you eat it twice a day like everyone. The chlorine pills have been fine too—no bad effects. No shower and the ground toilet are great too—people will adapt to deal with it, fine.

I have loved learning about Hong Kong and Nepal, learning some Nepalese, and getting to interact with local people in a way that didn’t involve expectations of money, chocolate, or romance. I have met wonderful people.
Molly Lam, Hong Kong
Feb 2016
All experiences are valuable. This Journey is definitely a good thing for the villages and participants.

And my expectations before this Journey were all achieved:

1. Meet and help with kids in person and cultural exchange.
2. Try my best and involved with work.
3. Meet new people and share experiences.

Before this trip, I did try to influence my friend to come and they had helped somehow. I will share my experience and recommend the physically capable people to join this trip.
Hazel Chow, Hong Kong
Feb 2016
I participated in this “Light On Your Path Journey” because I would like to help the local people. Although I know what I did was just very small help, I still hope this can awaken locals as well as Hong Kong people, “Life is not easy, we should treasure what we have.”

I think the practical results of what we did are not prominent, but the most important point is the meaning behind. Our act let the locals know that we would like to help even we are from far away, which I believe will make them treasure more of their land, and love their community.

It is an excellent journey! I will recommend my friends to come and experience, especially to those Hong Kong people who take everything for granted.
Carina Chan, Hong Kong
Feb 2016
The local homestay family is very friendly and helpful and their support is very important. And I enjoyed most the teamwork from all three parties (International volunteers, the school and the local volunteers).

My expectations of joining this Journey were:

1. Help the kids, schools and villages as much as I can.
2. Do more and more charity work if I can.

I think I have done all my best and I think that the kids and the villagers have actually “helped” me indeed.

I will definitely recommend this Journey to my friend because they can learn the kindness of Nepalese people from the kids and the villagers.
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